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Sounds vaguely shakespearean, dont’chathink? Hector’s back, big smile in place and kicking butt in the kitchen(because there’s no other room/space)and his regular waitress, Elizabeth, is leaving…the replacement who seems competent is Leah. Its a brutal but fun work environment, kind of like hell with wine and airconditioning…the food is kickass and the entertainment is ad hoc.

One of 'those' days

One of 'those' days

This was a jangled Monday/Lunes, for whatever reason…first the water goes out and then the electricity went weird(out)….no evening shower, fine…no brusha-da-teeth…fine…there was ice and it was good in the eyes of 28 Squirrel-Boy, married to 6  7/8’ths Flying Frog(did I ever date her?) ….I’ve been reading too much Mayan history, obviously.

I finally had John of Epicure explain the price of Triscuits(a burning issue,not unlike hemorrhoids, for some of us)…the Guatemalan Customs Bureau/Staatspolizie automatically adds a 60% tariff to such non-essential/frivolous items…are bullets frivolous?

Consider(we moved to ‘bullet’s)this…the US armament industry is reporting record sales, of some 8 billion a rounds in production, ramped up to 24/7 working conditions to meet this historic need…what need? are those pesky Eskimos who have been flooded out by melting ice going to come charging south with harpoons?  bringing the benefits of blubber? we’ve already heard that one, thank you…per recent CIA factoids, there were 303824640 people in the US as of  July 2008…roughly 340 billion people, give or take a 100 million or so. The New Math is sooo easy, a trillion here, there a trillion, what’s a few zeros amongst friends? are you with me here? one more small little calculation…child’s play, I guarantee you: 340 bil divided by 8 bil works out to 371 rounds of ammo per person per year…if I pop off 25 a year, once every five years or so…you see where this is going?  oooh, the sweet smell of gunpowder in the morning. There may a few sick dudes on the range, I suspect.

Lastly/Leastly…Swine Time…its peaking but what a rollercoaster ride of fear and loathing, smear and …oh, who the hell cares? Bush considered bombing the Canary Islands as an effort to stop bird flu, so we’re all ahead of the game…may the water return and the electricity remain semi-constant.

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