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are the holidays actually over? there’s a lot of Christmas stuff still strung around town…not me. Took the cheap Chinese lights down and gave ’em to one of the yard crew…rotsa ruck, etc

A couple of new places open: one should do fine, the other dubious. #2, ‘Miso’ in what was my previous printers location, Frener on 5th Sur…Japanese stuff. The other, Los Tres Tiempos in what was previously Reilly’s, across from La Casbah. I have a hunch, from the crowds, that they’ll do ok…a purely ‘chapin’ menu and a very well done rehab..some of it still in progress…if you’re a whisky/bourbon drinker, take you own and pay the corkage fee. Alex, behind the bar, takes care of the ice/glasses. Bill H. Gene B and some of the older guard there last night, road testing the place.

the ever elegant Victoria C, back working at El Reino del Jade…’worth going by,just to look at her(I did)..and an amazing constellation of birthdays this weekend, if you believe in astrology…der Henrik and Luis Miguel of Da Vinci…even Carmen F of Creativo…makes you wonder…Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher and my dad shared the same day…however..drum roll..if one takes into account that the original Sumerians or whoever ascribed the virtues of the twelve houses to the planets then known, there’s this thing called procession…the planets/stars move…ever so slowly but they move….so, if you were born under the sign of Cancer a la the beautiful Claudia #1, you might really be a Capricorn or a Taurus…I forget if the procession process moves backward or forwards, but that’s the idea.

Al Argueta of Moon Travel/Guatemala in town (we missed each other)and I heard that the guy who does the Narco News thing was in La Taverna last night….Hogan Van Daniken, the source, so that might up ‘questionable’…and HBT, newly recovered, seen in Bodegona, stocking up on rum…he’s been ‘dry’ for a few weeks, letting the antibiotics do their thing on his wrists..whatever…he’s healed and that’s the main thing…Hap reports that my new camera arrived(he’s my mule)…end of the month…Reid checked from Cuenca…leaving, headed for Chicago and thence here. per the ‘Perfesser’ Reid still persists in driving his car from there to here…not smart, dude…$$$…there’s been some hanky-panky aka hookups with a couple of people I know…local babes/$$$ but what the hell? no one lives forever…and if you’re still bored, go to www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and spend some $$…laissez le bon temps roulez!

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a great totally boffo show at Micho’s last night…Bobby Darling did ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’….the Queen version and then Piano Mike stumbled in…they did a duet of sorts, with PM behind Bobby D, arms around his shoulders and four hands strumming. Their first at this, they said…whatever, they were xlnt, maybe the best show I’ve seen here. Every Wednesday, 7pm, One Man, One Drink, One Song and i won’t miss it again. Micho’s? the bar was jammed and even the seldom seen Ignacio and Arabella wandered in. Demon Rum is taking it’s toll (still).

La taverna’s usual Happy Hour lightly attended…was it the cold? and then the statuesque Tanya walked in…whew!  we ended up at Micho’s..she said that she’s back for good, rented an apartment and some kind of on-line biz going…my hearing aid is still in the shop, so the full details escaped me(typical).

Why does Antigua have armed soldiers walking the streets, both night and day? What kind of message is this to tourists? Why not have the Gallo or the Brahva Girls walking around, instead?

Cold last night? I’ve never seen so many people bundled up like it was Ohio or Chicago…and 4th Calle, the new ‘golden gulch’ of restaurants? dead…Sobremesa had a few, the bakery doing well, ChocoMuseo packed (as usual)how do they do it?

per Bobby D, Nelson Lunding is returning…new ‘ahleans jazz, you know…Ponzi Bob is back, Hap’s coming in, late January, Hogan’s long time pal/partner in nefarious events…no, I promised not to repeat anything(and I won’t)buy Von Daniken a few drinks and sit back for some history…..Sierra Hardings back, for a week or so…

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what was the old Reilly’s on 5th norte now has new exterior paint…same colors..the bar looks like it might be nice to hang at. La Taverna, Dave’the slave’ Hofmann and Aury et al, did their best ‘happy hour’ crowd ever on Friday night..yeah, I counted heads but I forgot, ok? an amazing amalgamation of folks as you’ll find here.

Joe Lada, aka Bobby Darling, bought a thumb pick…iridescent red and cool..hot news, eh?

at last, the City is packed with tourists…some from the City, including some very tasty Capitalinas…more than usual: I was disgusted early and had to leave.

The Snug? next to Travel Menu? getting good revues and acquiring a crowd of their own…just how big that crowd will be depends on the size of the room and the Fire Marshal…oh..that’s right..we don’t have a Fire Marshal….Mañana? Pig on the BBQ and music…no, not THAT kind of pig…no dress, just some bbq sauce, Personally, I’m tired of pork in any way, shape or form…Reilly’s La Esquina, of course

Why does Bodegona re-arrange shelves every F%$#@! week? it’s occurred to me that that place has an aptly named Area 51 section plus sub-sections…you put the pieces together.

ah…another 25 copies in hand of ‘A Year of Driving with What’s His Face and the Crew from Hell’ will hit the streets this week..www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer  

getcher incandescent light bulbs…!outlawed in the US….become a mule..make $$..get turned on or in…

and a giant tip of the panama to Blake Thurgood aka Pappy’s BBQ…I’ve seen a fair amount of business plans and I’ve written a couple(dotcom biz in the 90’s) and his model is kicking ass…open only a few days of the week, sells out of product and creates a larger demand…keeps the overhead low, doesn’t have any excess and keeps adding items to the menu…helluva plan! If any folks in town who are considering a business or ….copy his model…


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2:30 or so and the skies went ‘crack-a-boom!…thunder,lightning, rains…almost biblical,it was..anything that wakes me up from my usual afternoon nap  has got to be biblical…hey, I’m old and I like my nap, ok?

Reilly’s La Esquina rockin’ to Capt Gerry and his crew..Piano Mike, Bobby Darling and Lori Shea hanging in there, along with the ultra-delicious Marbel, slingin’ drinks…La Taverna quiiet, except for Audi, the other ‘delicious’…4th Calle quiet…Mamma’s dead, Fusion lo mismo, Micho’s closed, the Choco Museum still doing biz…who knew?..whatever..

the next ‘beach concept’ of `13…nada, zip, zilch, bagels..another dumb idea..of which this town has far too many…such as the failed concept of the Persian rug company with a restaurant? yeah, they’re coming back, for more abuse and loss of $$$..

Ricardos’s Tabacos y Vinos? dead…the new Hector’s…dead…the tuk tuk driver ripped me off for 15 q…10 is the usual…if I’d been armed,. would have 5q made a difference?

what was the old Restaurant Panchoy is now the ‘El Viejo’…very spiffy, especially the bar..will it work? probably not…ah! Coors Lite!….now available on 7th ave norte, #2…got their own refrigerator, with bottles/cans of the nectar…who knew?

and for the latest, go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer…HBT, Jackson and i are doing a thing on Wednesdayl…Sopho’s Books, 2nd floor, Fontabella Mall, 4th Ave, Zone ten…’show and tell’..and another friend, going out to Joco tonight…to a place called ‘Divas’…yes, research, dammit..if it sounds good, we’re on it…or in it. Science calls to me…hello!

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